Catalyst Recruiting
  • Director of Engineering (Industrial Minerals; California)
  • Plant Manager (chemicals, Houston)
  • Production Manager (refractory materials, Germany)
  • Maintenance and Reliability Manager (chemicals, California)
  • EHS Manager – REACH (Silicates,,Belgium)
  • Production Manager (chemicals, Baton Rouge)
  • Technical Manager (ceramics, Mexico)
  • PSM engineer (chemicals, Houston)
  • Director of quality (metals, Los Angeles)
  • Mine Manager (minerals, California)

Executive Search &

Technical Recruiting

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Why Chose Catalyst Recruiting

  • Technical Experience in all for which we recruit
  • 15 years successfully servicing our customers
  • Extensive success recruiting in North America and Europe.
  • Network of select partners in the Americas and Europe to ensure extensive subject and geographic areas
  • We will perform or we will assist in finding you a recruiter that will
  • Flexible recruiting models: Engaged and continency recruiting plus consultative recruiting

Industries and Positions


  • Minerals/raw materials
  • Chemicals
  • Specialty Metals
  • High precision metals machining
  • Aerospace


  • Engineering – production/process
  • Extractive metallurgy
  • Maintenance/Reliability
  • EHS
  • PSM
  • Electrical/controls
  • Production/plant management
  • Senior Management/General Management

Some general business terms, conditions and notes:

  • 1)

    To other recruiters out there: We are happy to consider working together with you! But please contact us first. We will not consider splitting fees or otherwise paying you without prior agreement. Do not send a resume to us with any assumption or hope that we will pay you without prior written (including emailed/confirmed) agreement!

  • 2)

    We will be ethical recruiters and decent human beings! However, we are only responsible for our own behavior. We will try, as best we can, to ensure that our clients work ethically, legally and act with respect to all involved in the process. But we can neither be certain they will, nor responsible if they do not act as such.

  • 3)

    We are generally paid by a client company/entity looking for a person to fill a position. We do not accept payment from a candidate/potential candidate for a job opening we are representing. Getting paid from "both sides" is unethical!

  • 4)

    Feel free to contact us and ask for advice, referrals, and answers. Well, the answer is 42. But feel free to contact us for the rest.

  • 5)

    Any questions, please email: [email protected] or [email protected]. We will respond. If you call, we may not.